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25 Oct 2019
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10 super fun ‘keep cool’ hacks to use this summer

Karabo Mokoena

We asked for it, and it is finally here! Summer!

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Not only does it come with blooming flowers, but it is also accompanied by the scorching sun. We have experienced a taste of it this past weekend and it can get quite unbearable.

It is even worse for little humans that can’t manage their body temperatures yet and can’t even verbally express their frustration when they’re too hot. To avoid too much irritability when the heat strikes, here are some cool hacks you can try for the little ones.

10 super fun ‘keep cool’ hacks to use this Summer

1. Sponge bombs

Bath Sponge

You can purchase some cheap sponges, tie them together, soak them in cold water, and have some water fun. This is a fun and affordable way to keep cool and entertained.

2. Sponge necklace

Sponge Necklace

If the kids aren’t game to run around in this heat, you can create a necklace that they can put around their neck to cool down. Thread sponges onto a piece of rope and there you have it.

3. Ice block treasure hunt

nIce Block Treasure Hunt

Do you know all those leggos that irritate you so much sometimes? Use them as heatwave entertainment. Place them in a bucket of water and freeze it overnight. You will have created a big block of fun. The kids can sit and hunt for those little buggers for hours.

4. Splash pad

Splash Pad

Get a giant splash pad, put some water on it and watch your kids have hours of cool fun. Get some balls and toys they can use for entertainment.

5. Water balloon games

Water Balloons

Purchase some cheap balloons, get the kids to fill them up with water, and play some fun games. There are a lot of games that they can play. Water balloon tennis, water balloon baseball, or even water balloon toss with towels, a bucket or a hula hoop.

6. Ice painting

Ice Painting

If you are a DIY boss, then you can create some frozen sculptures that the kids can paint. It is super easy to make. You just pour water into cake moulds and the kids can paint them once frozen.

7. Seek and find

Seek and Find

Place a couple of coloured balls inside a bucket, and place like-coloured cups outside. Give your child a big spoon and let them grab the balls and place them in the relevant cup. Not only does this cool your baby down, but it also is an educational game of colour coordination for your children.

8. Doll/Toy washing station

Toy Washing

Pull out a big bucket, pour some soap in it and let the kids clean up their toys. Such an entertaining chore for the little ones.

9. Pool noodle fishing

Pool Noodles

Cut up a noodle into small pieces, dump in the pool and let the kids fish for them. This allows the kids to remain wet but also entertained.

10. Outside play

Lastly, just keep the kids outside in the shade, whether it’s for playing or eating, the less time they spend inside, the less frustrated they will be in this heat. Just also make sure that they are protected from the sun by using quality sunscreen and make sure that they are properly hydrated.

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