Karabo Mokoena
Content producer
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23 Jul 2021
12:34 pm

WATCH: A few reasons why parenting is an extreme sport

Karabo Mokoena

Have kids, they say. It will be fun, they say.

Hilarious and sad videos of how funny and difficult parenting can become. Picture: Youtube screenshot

Kids are the perfect hybrids of joy bringers and joy killers. Depending on the day, they will have you either laughing hysterically at some behaviours, or crying out loud.

Digital media brand Sassy Media shared a Facebook video that has been shared over 200K times online. The video shows short clips of fed-up parents and kids with no limits whatsoever, like the little boy that peeps through the bottom of a bathroom door to talk to a stranger.

Leah Pope commented on the post and said: “I had that happen to me once. A little kid crawled under the stall and started talking to me while I was on the toilet.”

When they are young, kids are not accustomed to abiding by social boundaries, like not talking to strangers while they are on toilet seats.

As they grow older, and parents set healthy boundaries, they learn which boundaries they can’t cross, or which one they can.

According to Very Well Family: “Any parent knows that it’s in kids’ nature to test limits; it seems to be something all kids are born knowing how to do, like breathing or reaching for something that they shouldn’t.”

A child knows they should not be bouncing on the bonnet of a fancy-looking Mercedez-Benz, but they will do it anyway.

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The post had conversations going around discipline and how new generations of parents are allowing their children to get away with too much. Some parents shared that when their children wanted to have emotional meltdowns, they either shouted at them or spanked them.

Discipline is relative in every household, and limits are not set the same.

One parent gets frustrated after their child uses their makeup, while another finds it hillarious.

Most parents laugh in retrospect, although whatever the child was doing was not funny in the moment.

Either way, little humans have unique minds and as they grow older, they compile more and more stories about how they almost drove their parents insane once or thrice.

They are loved anyway.