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Yasmeen Osman
2 minute read
20 Nov 2017
4:28 pm

Five places Grace and Robert Mugabe can retire to

Yasmeen Osman

We take a look at the best retirement destinations for the Mugabes.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace, may need to consider taking a permanent vacation soon.

It’s no secret that Grace isn’t welcome in South Africa, especially since the first lady was controversially granted diplomatic immunity after reportedly assaulting South African model Gabriella Engels with an electric cord.

So where in the world could the couple take their internationally infamous baggage to?

Here are five places Grace and Robert Mugabe can possibly retire.



Picture: iStock

No surprises here. Information from the #GuptaLeaks emails suggested Mugabe is the “close neighbour” of President Jacob Zuma in an upmarket suburb of Dubai.

The family rented a 10-bedroom mansion in Dubai for R500 000 a month, before apparently buying the property for R130 million.



Picture: AFP / Roslan Rahman

Singapore may just be their second home. The Mugabes went on a month-long vacation in the Far East that was estimated to cost a whopping R85 million.

Mugabe frequents Singapore for medical treatment, while Grace squanders thousands of dollars on expensive shopping sprees there. Moreover, Mugabe’s daughter Bona studied and graduated in Singapore.


Mexico City

Picture: iStock

Now we know that people generally leave Mexico for the US, but one dictator in America is more than enough.

Earlier this year, Mugabe spent a week at a luxurious resort in Cancun, Mexico. The president and his entourage lived it up in Cancun on “official business”.


Seychelles, beach

Picture: iStock

It seems as if the Mugabes have a penchant for islands; they own a R56-million mansion in Hong Kong and spent some time in Mauritius.

Who wouldn’t want spend the rest of their waking days sipping cocktails on an exquisite beach in Secyhelles? As an added bonus, the island is not that far from Zimbabwe if Mugabe ever feels homesick.


Greenland, snow

Picture: iStock

If all else fails, Grace and Robert Mugabe could always consider relocating to one of the coldest places on Earth, living in an igloo and becoming friends with Eskimos.

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