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22 Jun 2019
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High quality baby products which are affordable and easy on the purse strings

Karabo Mokoena

When choosing your favourite baby product, quality does not always have to be synonymous with expensive

Caring for a baby can be so overwhelming, and trying to decide which products are safe to use is enough to give you hives.  Today’s market is flooded with an overwhelming amount of baby products. So confusion is inevitable when choosing the best products for your little one, and in my mind the combination of quality and affordability is imperitive. Having used many affordable products, I have come to learn that quality is not always synonymous with expensive.

Below is a list of my most favourite ones;

-Noo Noo Pie
This is my go-to baby shower gift because I believe that every parent should have this baby tie. It is super soft and super convenient and makes motherhood look so stylish. I am a huge proponent of attachment parenting through babywearing, and this is the product for that. Babywearing is a comfortable way to hold and bond with your little one. Our children are so accustomed to hearing our heartbeats before they were born. So this is a beautiful way to maintain that closeness.

-Eco Mom SA Baby Bum Balm
I used this product when my daughter had a really bad nappy rash, and her rash was gone within two days. I do not use anything else for her bum anymore. The balm is made up of healing propolis, lavender and tea tree, so it is not harmful to the baby’s delicate skin.

-Huggies Little Swimmers                                                                                                                             My little one loves being in the water, so we love the convenience of these nappies because pool time becomes fun time, especially when you don’t have to worry about your little one making a mess in the water.

-Tommee Tippee Simplee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal System
My house smells so much better after I started using this product. It locks the odor inside the nappy bin, and it is very easy to use. It has a smart seal lid, and can hold up to about 18 nappies, depending on the size of the nappy.

-Purity and Elizabeth Anne’s nipple cream
I am still breastfeeding my toddler, and she occasionally grabs my nipples with her teeth. So I am experiencing some soreness now and again, and this cream definitely helps with alleviating the pain. It is not a lotion based cream, so it stays on for much longer than a conventional cream would. Plus, I don’t have to wipe it off when feeding.

Sterinar Baby Sea Water Nasal Spray
This spray is preservative-free, and helps my little one with the occasional blocked nose. I have been using it since her birth, and we trust it.

If I could divert teething pain towards me, I would. This is why I was happy to discover Prodol which works magic because of its numbing effect.

-Snuggletime Snuggle Pillow
I received this as a baby shower gift and it was one of the most useful items I got. I was able to use it for multiple uses, including tummy time, feeding and assisting with her with sitting. The pillow is extremely comfortable due to the padding.

-Snookums Electric Breast Pump
This was such a lifesaver for me and played a crucial role in my breastfeeding journey. The breast shield is silicone and provided comfort during a pump. I was fortunate enough to produce a lot of milk, and this definitely helped me pump and store accordingly. The battery also lasted for a sufficient time for me to be able to pump both boobs. This is important.

-Snookums milk storage bags
I used these storage bags in conjunction with the electric breast pump. They come in a pack of 25 and are very affordable. They are leak proof so I did not have to worry about the milk spilling in the freezer.

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