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Karabo Mokoena
1 minute read
29 Jul 2020
1:00 pm

Your child demanding too much McDonalds? This mom has a solution

Karabo Mokoena

Ever heard of a Happy Meal DIY strategy?

Tanesha Baldwin-Facebook

The average price of a McDonald’s Happy Meal is R37. Many parents have tied their belts very tightly in this global pandemic. Plus, no parent wants their child to eat take-outs a couple of days a week.

Tanesha Baldwin, and American mom, decided to start a McDonald’s joint in her own home, and her son does not know anything about it. Her son is obsessed with McDonald’s and asks for it a lot.

When her son asks for a Happy Meal, she “orders” online and waits for the delivery.

She makes the burger herself, fries some shoestring chips, places it in a second-hand McDonald’s box, and reuses an old toy that her son never used.

The happiness on her son’s face shows that he has no idea.


But, if he is a big fan, he might be able to taste the difference.

The post did so well that Tanesha received a call from a McDonald’s representative and will be getting some goodies. Hopefully, it’s a Happy Meal recipe.

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