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Roodepoort Record
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21 Jan 2020
8:26 am

 Three ways 2019’s matrics can upgrade their digital know-how for FREE

Roodepoort Record

Take a look at these three ways matrics can develop their digital skills and stand out.

 We round up three key digital skills upgrades that school-leavers need to know about in 2020, and where you can get them.

1. Become a research pro

Whether you’re looking for a job or doing reading and research for your first essay, as a school-leaver you really need to know how to get the best out of the internet.

For job-seekers, the Google Jobs API collates all opportunities near you when you search “Jobs near me” on the Google search engine. If you know the exact type of job you are looking for, you can change your search to be more specific. So if you want to be a waitress you can type “waitress jobs near me” and you’ll be closer to that first pay cheque.

For students, Google Scholar is a nifty research tool for those looking for scholarly literature. It covers many study disciplines and gives access to various sources, including journal articles, student theses, academic abstracts and even court opinions.

2. Organise your life – digitally

Freedom from high school can be exhilarating, but time management and self-management can also be huge hurdles to getting through the first year of university or work. Without the constant reminders from people around you, it can be a struggle to manage your time or to be where you’re wanted at the right time.

Luckily, there’s always an app that can make your life easier and help newly-free matriculants keep track of appointments, classes to attend and tasks to complete.

Don’t feel like learning a new app interface? Your Gmail inbox is a productivity haven, with a task list that you can add to and check off as needed, and a calendar to manage daily schedules, project deadlines, and other commitments.

3. Brush up on your soft skills and the importance of coding

Whether you’re thinking of looking for work right away or starting your own business, Google’s Digital Skills for Africa is a one-stop portal that all school-leavers need to visit and get familiar with. It’s filled with resources and online courses covering topics such as how to “Build confidence with self-promotion”, how to “Land your next job” and even how to “Understand the basics of coding”. There’s something for every school-leaver, and you get a Google Digital Skills for Africa certificate if you complete the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course and assessment.

The transition from high school into the ‘real world’ can be quite intimidating, but luckily technology is making it a lot easier to start adulting.

Article provided by Google South Africa.