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Amy Slocombe
3 minute read
17 Apr 2020
11:00 am

Pregnant Allen’s Nek mother tells her Covid-19 story

Amy Slocombe

A pregnant Allen’s Nek resident had the shock of her life when she tested positive for coronavirus.

Parenting is probably the most rewarding, yet difficult, job there is. You are protector, advice-giver, beacon of light, and role model for someone in who you see the best and worst parts of yourself. As a parent, you try your best to raise your children to be good people, and to keep them safe while doing so.

For 30-year-old Morgan Brink, her mama-bear instincts and faith were challenged in late March. With a beautiful three-year-old son named Jaxon bringing light to her life, and another little boy on the way, Morgan’s heart stopped when she found out that she had contracted the coronavirus while aboard the MSC Orchestra from 16 to 20 March.

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Morgan, her husband, and their son went on the cruise for her sister-in-law’s 21st birthday, and had the time of their lives. A little more than a week after they returned to their home in Allen’s Nek, Morgan started to worry about her cough that was getting progressively worse. Soon, the cough was joined by headaches and lethargy, and on 1 April, she received the news that she had contracted the virus.

Fear encompassed her; she felt defeated, and she just cried. She has a young son, a loving husband, and a baby boy on the way. Her job as a mother and wife was to make sure they were healthy and happy, but now they could also be at risk.

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Relief flooded through her when her family’s results returned negative, but she was still worried about the effects the virus may have had on her unborn son. Morgan was comforted by the fact that research has shown that the virus should have no direct effect on her unborn child, and that she could still feel him moving and kicking, which brought her peace.

A scan on 15 April showed that her unborn baby boy is perfect, but she still sits with a lingering fear knowing that they will only be 100 per cent sure of his perfect health when he is born on 13 August.

She reaped the rewards of being a loving wife and mother when her family cared for her every need, making sure she was comfortable, supporting her, and taking on her household responsibilities while she was out of action. “Jaxon was worried, but a superstar about it,” said Morgan. “He was proud that he ‘helped get rid of the virus’, as he put it.”

Morgan isolated herself at home but had no choice other than being around her husband and son. While they were at risk of catching the virus, they wanted to care for the best woman in their lives and took all the precautionary measures they could to make sure they did not contract the virus as well.

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On 10 April, Morgan shared the news that she had in fact beaten the virus and that her latest test results came back negative. The entire Brink household is now corona-free and they couldn’t be more grateful.

Morgan said that even if she had not contracted the virus, she would have been just as cautious in practicing safety and good hygiene for the protection of her family, and she is urging others to do the same by staying home and staying clean.

Life is back to normal for the Brinks – as normal as it can be during lockdown. Morgan is continuing with her photography from home, helping Jaxon with homeschooling, and has taken up her motherly responsibilities again.

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