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24 Mar 2021
11:16 am

4 ways Clicks can help you save!


At Clicks, the pharmacists can help you with advice on how to avoid unnecessary out-of-pocket medication costs, ensuring you never pay more for your medication than you have to in 2021.

Get your health and finances back on track with these helpful tips and advice:

You can save up to 30% with generic alternatives

A generic medicine is the same as an existing brand-name originator medicine in dosage form, safety, and strength, quality, and performance characteristics. Generic medicines work the same as brand-name originator medicines, but tend to be cheaper. Your Clicks pharmacist can offer you a more affordable generic alternative, potentially saving you up to 30% on your medication compared to an originator medicine or even another more expensive generic medicine.

Your medical aid may also only pay for authorised chronic medication up to a certain level of cover, and higher priced medicines will use up your cover much faster. Your Clicks pharmacist can assist by dispensing the generic medicines that your medical aid pays for in full, which ensures your benefits last longer.

Note that this is applicable to medicine authorised by your medical aid, so it’s best to check your medical aid benefits for more information.

Save with Clicks medical aid partners

Filling your scripts at a pharmacy provider which is not on your medical aid’s preferred or designated provider list can lead to additional out of pocket medication costs or penalty co-payments. Clicks has partnered with most medical aids to ensure that you avoid these unnecessary co-payments and out of pocket expenses.

Get your share of over *R100 million in self-medication savings

Clicks offers great value every day with low pricing and promotions on self-medication brands. Clicks is committed to saving you over *R100 million across our top self-medication brands on promotion in 2021. Ensure you stay up to date with all Clicks promotions by clicking here.

Plus, ClubCard members earn points on the dispensing fee.

Claiming from the applicable medical aid benefit

Your Clicks Pharmacist can help you save by ensuring your monthly medication is correctly claimed from the applicable benefit within your medical aid.

Whether you are paying cash or via your medical aid, Your Clicks Pharmacist can help you save on your medication costs in 2021.

*The R100m saving is calculated as the difference between the standard cash self-medication marked up price and the promotional price charged on all planned promotional product sales over the year 2021.