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Karabo Mokoena
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17 Jun 2021
1:08 pm

Seven fun lockdown activities to enjoy during Father’s Day

Karabo Mokoena

If you're staying locked down this Father's Day, here are some cool activities to try with dad without having to leave home.

If you're staying home to be under lockdown this Father's Day, here are some cool family activities. Picture: iStock

Five days before Father’s Day, the leader of the nation announced that South Africa will be entering level three lockdown due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases.

This announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa has made some families wary of going out during this time, especially with many provinces experiencing the third wave of infections.

For those who are keeping away from public spaces, Father’s Day planning has to change. But families can consider home activities to make Father’s Day memorable for dad.

If this is you, here are seven fun activities you can plan for Father’s Day at home.

Breakfast in bed

During winter, getting out of bed is harder than usual. On a holiday like Father’s Day, dads might want to sleep in a bit longer, so how about you top that up with a tasty breakfast? Huddle the kids together to plan a delicious breakfast for dad and make it together on the morning of Father’s Day. The breakfast could be accompanied by a card and gift to make it more special.

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Home spa day

Pampering is not exclusive to moms only. Dad would love a spa experience at home, so planning one with the family is going to be exciting. Get him a bathrobe, some massage oils, a few white towels and a classical playlist. Top the ambiance off with some scented candles and you are good to go. Chances are dad will pass out on the bed and wake up rejuvenated and ready for another exciting and challenging year of fatherhood.

Get a puzzle

Dads are known to be problem solvers, and nothing brings a family together than playing games. Get a new puzzle or unpack the one you never got to finish the last time and lay it out on the table. Let the whole family participate in putting it together and make it a fun activity rather than a daunting one. Puzzles can be challenging, but there is power and fun in unity.

Create a family tree

If you have never had a chance to, get dad to help the kids create a family tree. Both mom and dad are the perfect people to make this a reality for the kids. Get some crafts and make this a non-school art project for the kids to create for the house. Children need to know their lineage and building a family tree helps them establish it and build confidence in knowing who they are and where they come from.

Create a Father’s Day collage

Another fun art project for the family can be creating a photo collage with some of dad’s favourite pictures. This will a surprise for him, so compile all of his favourite pictures, get some supplies and get ready for a fun afternoon. Dad should participate in this. Some pictures could spark fun memories and the whole family can reminisce over good times.

Organise a braai

If dad is the designated braai master at home, purchase his favourite meat, season it and let him get to his favourite job. Trust us, no dad will complain about tossing meat on the grill with a beer in hand. You can bring together a few family members, observing Covid-19 regulations, and enjoy the braai together.

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Backyard movie night

If dad is a big movie fan, then organise a projector, white cloth and play a new movie you know he would like, or one of his favourites. Get popcorn , camp chairs, blankets and some beverages. Just ensure that the movie’s age restriction can accommodate the whole family. If not, then this could a romantic movie for adults only.