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Karabo Mokoena
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28 Jul 2021
11:32 am

The only thing in Paris Hilton’s oven is lasagna

Karabo Mokoena

Paris Hilton addresses rumours that she is expecting her first child.

On her podcast, Paris Hilton answers questions surrounding her rumoured pregnancy. Picture: Instagram

On Monday, Paris Hilton woke up to 5,000 messages of congratulations. News outlets were running with the story of her pregnancy news.

According to sources, Paris is pregnant with her first child with her fiancé Carter Reum.

To address the rumours, Paris recorded a podcast and uploaded it on iHeart Radio. On the podcast titled, This is…I’m Pregnant???, she answers that million-dollar question.

Are the pregnancy rumours true or false?

“I am so excited for motherhood..actually I am just kidding, I am not pregnant,” Paris said.

She is waiting for the wedding to take place first, and her top priority is making sure that her dress fits perfectly. A pregnant body might disrupt her plans, so it’s not on the books at the moment.

“I can’t wait to have kids of my own in 2022, but right now I am just preparing for the wedding,” she said.

“The only thing in the oven at the moment is my sliving lasagna,” she added.

She would love to have a daughter, whom she will name London. It has always been a dream to name her girl child that but does not want to tell people what she will name her son.

“I love the names London and Paris together.”

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Don’t believe everything you read

“I am sick of people making up things about me,” she said.

The media has been controlling her narrative and she thought it important to tell the story herself and control her own narrative.

She refused to answer questions from the media and her PR team is also keeping mum.

On Monday, she had 20 interviews lined up and said she would redirect people to her podcast should they have questions about her rumoured pregnancy.

“I want you to hear it all directly from me,” she added to the podcast description.

She assumed the rumours were sparked by the push-up bra she wore to dinner with Carter, that made her boobs look perkier than usual. The bra is part of her lingerie line.

“I will be pregnant after the wedding,” she continued to emphasise on the podcast.

Paris is currently 40 years old and revealed in February 2021 that she was undergoing IVF to become a mother.