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7 Sep 2021
11:47 am

PICS: Donnalee Roberts and Ivan Botha are parenting goals

Renate Engelbrecht

Filmmakers Donnalee Roberts and Ivan Botha not only portray couple goals to strive towards, they also personify what many might consider to be perfect parents.

Donnalee Roberts and Ivan Botha the epitome of perfect parents. Picture: Nicky Stowe Photography (Facebook)

Parenthood is all about perspective. Whether you look at it from another parent’s perspective or the child’s perspective, you will always find something that you would have done differently.

Still, actor, writer, producer, filmmaker and entrepreneur Donnalee Roberts’s Instagram feed convinces many that she and husband, Ivan Botha, have parenthood all figured out.

Ivan’s daughter and the couple’s son are both being raised to make the best of being outdoors – whether it’s on a skateboard, a bike or while hiking.

Here are six reasons why Donnalee Roberts and Ivan Botha are the epitome of the perfect parents (and pair):

They let them explore

As exploration is key to healthy development from a young age, the couple’s kids are often seen discovering new things.

From toes in the sand and hiking up Lion’s Head and Table Mountain, to close elephant and ostrich encounters, the celeb couple’s children have sure seen a lot already and are bound to become adamant adventurers by the looks of things.

The catch, though is that as parents, Donnalee and Ivan don’t just let him explore; they explore with him – hiking, biking, you name it.

Affectionate parenting

Oh, the kisses and cuddles! Donnalee’s Instagram feed is filled with pics of her kissing and cuddling with her little boy. It’s clear that they understand the importance of affection and love when it comes to raising children. It helps children to feel safe and it builds their confidence and self-esteem.

Playful parents

Keeping things lighthearted in life often makes all the difference while raising kids. This goes for both parties.

Donnalee and Ivan clearly both have playful personalities which probably makes life with kids even more fun.

Date night (or day)

Even if it’s not as often as they might want to, they make time for each other as a couple and go out on the odd date night or spa day.

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Making jokes and making time for each other is probably one of the best things parents can do for themselves, their relationship and ultimately for their children.

Travelling with the kids

No one ever said travelling with kids was fun or easy. In fact, it’s rather hard. Still, the film-making couple travels with their kids often, it seems, allowing them to see the world from a young age.

Travel opens up children’s worlds to new foods, new cultures, knowledge and experiences they would never find in the classroom. Travel is also said to increase affection towards family members, lead to better behaviour and can even reduce the amount of time you spend worrying.

Parenting (in) style

Last, but not least – there’s nothing wrong with being stylish while on parenting duty and with the celeb couple always being on trend, there is no way that their offspring won’t be.