Lerato Maimela
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3 Dec 2021
4:23 pm

Daily hacks: Fun ways to keep your kids busy this weekend

Lerato Maimela

These tips and tricks will keep the kids busy all weekend

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With South Africa in the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections, people have been urged to spend more of their time indoors with their families and loved ones in an attempt to decrease the number of positive cases.

It can get frustrating having the whole family in the house when you are working from home and chasing deadlines, but these fun tips and tricks will keep the kids busy all weekend and out of your space.

Painting a mural

Pick your least-favourite room in the house or least-favourite wall, buy some cheap paint and paintbrushes, and let your kids explore their inner Picasso by painting whatever their hearts desire.

If you would like to make it a more educational experience, then you can give them a theme which they need to follow.

Two little painters. Picture: iStock

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Baking Christmas cookies

“Tis the season” to spend a lot more time in the kitchen cooking and baking, and what screams Christmas the most, other than Christmas cookies?

Buy some Christmas-themed cookie cutters and let the gives get creative in the kitchen by baking some yummy cookies and brownies.

Please make sure to help the little ones out when it comes to dealing with the oven or any dangerous objects.

baking hacks
A young kid making cookies at home. Picture: iStock

Planting bright and pretty flowers

Planting some trees and flowers is the perfect family activity as this forces children to spend some time outdoors and get some vitamin D directly from the warm sun.

Planting is also beneficial to their mental health, and playing around with different-coloured plants and flowers is good for the development of their moods, behaviours and emotions.

Cute little girl watering flowers in the garden. Picture: iStock

Creating homemade Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations can be costly, especially if you are not reusing the decorations from the previous year, and would like to mix things up and decorate your home in a different way.

Get the kids to create their own fun, exciting and personalised Christmas decorations, which you can hang on your Christmas tree, hook to the wall or place on your homes tables.

Children being creative. Picture: iStock