Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
4 minute read
17 Sep 2021
7:34 am

Toyota Prius the pioneer for new Corolla and RAV4 Hybrids

Mark Jones

This niche vehicle paved the way for hybrid technology all of 24 years ago.

Current fourth generation Prius made its debut back in 2015.

The say time flies when you are having fun, or in the case of Toyota speak, time flies when you are being electrified. Just a month ago I was telling you that I would be bringing you this update of what it is like living with the world's original, but very niche, hybrid vehicle, the Toyota Prius. Although this powertrain technology debuted way back in 1997, with said Prius, not much has made its way here in terms of hybrids expect for a very brief stint in Yaris. ALSO READ: Toyota Prius: Original gangster of hybrid technology Fast forward 20...