Jacqui Bester
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27 Sep 2019
9:00 am

‘Gangsta’ mom from Benoni has parents in stitches

Jacqui Bester

There must be a reason for this, because she is as funny as all hell. 

Chanene Ablett from Tonic and Tiara’s won Best Comedian in the 2017 South African Parenting Blog awards. There must be reason for this, because she is as funny as all hell.

“I ran in my kids sports day, those 4 year olds really need to up their game”

Chanene started her comedy journey when becoming a mom in 2010, (I’ve always been funny). She made a conscious decision to not take herself too seriously as life is hard enough and there must be a reason to laugh or even crack a smile – even when things seem to be spiralling round the drain of imminent disaster.

“Apparently it’s boss’s day, am I supposed to get my toddler a gift or just a card?”

Chanene has turned her humour into a vlog, and now has her own You Tube channel, where she celebrates the lighter side of ‘parent-hood’.

“I believe that people need to laugh more, and not JUST laugh, but to find the fun in every situation”

Her clever wit and remarkable ability to make others laugh when they least expect to has made her very popular with a wide range of people. She’s always on the invite list to events, and brands love having her around because she has an energy and charisma that people are drawn too.

Her vlog promises to bring South African parenting humour to the next level, so don’t miss out on joining the movement of this gangsta mom from Benoni.

Watch here;

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