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Tyler Leigh Vivier
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31 Oct 2019
8:00 am

Woman ordered to pay cheating ex’s divorce fees; does so in the funniest way

Tyler Leigh Vivier

A woman is being called a “genius” after she found a loophole in a divorce order she received from the judge, who signed off her divorce.

Pennsylvania, United States – After finding out her husband was cheating on her with one of his friend’s wives, Brandi Lee filed for divorce. Now after everything has been finalised, the judge threw a spanner in the works and ordered Brandi to pay her ex’s divorce bill. The amount; a ridiculous $7,500.00.

She was furious that she was ordered to pay the bill when it was her ex that had destroyed their marriage. As the day loomed closer, she thought of a pretty epic way to pay the bill.

She knew she had no choice but the judge didn’t specify how she had to pay it. Brandi went to her local bank and explained the situation to the female tellers., They were delighted to assist her and proceeded to order $7,500 in coins for her. That is around R109,761.00.

Brandi received delivery of the coins shortly after placing the order and she placed them in four big blue buckets. When the day came to hand over the money, she hauled all the buckets over to her ex’s lawyer and made the payment.

She watched as the smugness fell from his face and was replaced by sheer shock. Brandi shared the story to her Facebook and was hailed as a genius for outsmarting the system.

Women from across the globe have praised her for inspiring them and for refusing to be pushed back even though she wasn’t in the wrong.

Her story has since gone viral across the world with millions of people talking about the divorce payment.

What do you think of Brandi’s efforts to pay off her husband’s bill?

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