Tyler Leigh Vivier
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31 Oct 2019
10:30 am

South Africans are writing letters to new Preemie moms to offer support and encouragement

Tyler Leigh Vivier

November is World Prematurity Month, and Embrace is asking people to write letters of support to new mothers with prem babies.

South Africa – Embrace is a national movement working to help new mothers feel supported, empowered and embraced by the community. By doing so, those mothers will raise thriving children. The organisation works on a national level to help new moms along their motherhood journey.

November is World Prematurity Month and Embrace is working to offer love and support to mothers with babies in the NICU wards of South Africa. They are hoping to receive 500 written letters for new moms

“Imagine emerging from pregnancy and the fog of birth only to be faced with the myriad of medical jargon and life-or-death decisions you must make quickly to keep your baby alive. Imagine watching their tiny form learning to breathe and survive before your very eyes, and not being able to cradle them, or assure them it will be okay.

Too many moms of babies born prematurely – 15 million across the world each year – know what this feels like.

It can be difficult to know how to best support these moms through this, especially when the care of their babies is largely out of their hands. Through our work, we’ve seen the power of a few kind words to show a mother she’s seen and supported.

In proud partnership with Preemie Connect, we’re asking you, our Embrace community, to join our letter-writing campaign for mothers who are waiting for the premature babies to come home.”

They are also looking for volunteers to hand out letters once they have all arrived. Embrace has set a cutoff date, the 5th of November 2019, for messages to be sent in. The letters should contain words of love, support and encouragement for moms of premature babies.

They are also looking to connect with staff in NICU wards. You can find out how to get involved to help other mothers via their website here.

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