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Parenty staff
1 minute read
27 Jan 2020
12:00 pm

Hindsight is 2020

Parenty staff

The first 'The Great Equalizer' episode of 2020 is LIVE and ripe for the pickings, ya’ll.

The best thing about parenting is that you eventually become really good at it… Until your child levels up and the joke’s on you. They inevitably turn another year older, enter a fresh new transition and challenge you right from the start. And then BOOM. You know nothing again (or still). Surprise!

Essentially, we’ve come to realise that we never know what the heck we’re doing and the only clarity that hindsight offers parents is this: Nothing ever stays the same for very long, so best we all learn to ride the waves of uncertainty like the ragged queens we are.

In the latest episode of The Great Equalizer, your hosts (Joburg moms Sam Herbst and Charlene Armstrong) chat about how we’ll be parenting differently this year, taking into account all the lessons that came out of 2019. We also look into identity and our sense of selves, and how we plan to regain a semblance of our old (new?) self in 2020. Can we do it!? #Staytuned, folks.

Also in this episode: Sam has a birthday (whoop whoop) and Charlene has a handle on things (for now).