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2 Mar 2020
11:45 am

HOW TO: Tips for creating a cool homework space for your kids (that isn’t the kitchen table)

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Invest in a funky desk lamp for their homework space.

Some families use their kitchen or dining-room table as a homework space, but if you’d like to add structure to your child’s routine and help improve their focus with a specific spot just for homework time, Natasha Laurent of Office 24-7 Design and Architecture has some ideas.

“Small children need attention and supervision during homework time, so they need to be near their adult supervisors. That’s usually the kitchen or dining room, so try to find some free space in one of these areas,” Natasha advises. “Make sure you have plenty of school supplies available; coloured pencils can be displayed in glass jars, and paper, cardboard, and other bits of stationery can be stacked away in cute storage boxes and colourful crates.”


Children need a space that they can make their own

If you’re struggling to find space for your little one at a table, Natasha suggests removing the doors of a built-in cupboard and inserting a small desk in the space to create a proper homework nook. “Look for a small table that would’ve been previously used as a ‘telephone table’ or ‘letter writing table’ at a vintage shop or antique shop; you’ll probably find a great chair there, too!” she says.

“Older children need a designated quiet space that they can make their own,” says Natasha. “Most teens prefer to do homework in their bedrooms, so invest in a small desk and a comfortable, unique chair as an anchor. Let your child decorate their wall so they’ll look forward to spending time in this space while completing homework.”

Natasha’s suggestions

  • Decorate the wall with a brightly painted pegboard to add extra storage space for small boxes, scissors, and other stationery bits and bobs.
  • Add a notice board to the wall to easily display reminders, deadlines, and general study notes.
  • Let your child choose motivational posters or printables to frame and lean against the pin board; they may even have some of their own art to display!
  • Task lighting is important for helping your child stay focused, so invest in a funky desk lamp for their homework space.

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