Parenty staff
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18 May 2020
1:30 pm

Here’s how you can make your visit to the grocery store safer

Parenty staff

The health aspect of going to the grocery store.

While we have been asked to stay home to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in SA, once in a while when the items we’re looking for are not easily ordered online, we have to make that trip to our local grocery store for those essentials. As we move to Level 3, more people will be out – which means a higher risk of infection.

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Here’s how you can be safer while you’re out getting essentials:

Wear a mask

It may be obvious but it’s so important that we just have to reiterate at all times – wear a mask.

Try to go during the off-peak times

As we’ve heard, the virus doesn’t move, its people that move, so time your shopping to be when the least number of people are likely to be shopping. This not only keeps you safer from the chance of close contact with other people, but it also means fewer queues in-store.

Wipe down the trolley handle

Ensure that you wipe down trolley handles before you touch them. Most stores are providing wipes to ensure you do this.

Try to touch as little items or surfaces as possible

While stores may be sanitising shoppers upon entry, be extra cautious by being fully aware of the items you are touching. Try to only touch an item you will definitely be buying so think about your purchase before actually picking it up.  Touching surfaces, on the other hand, is a no-no unless it’s unavoidable. In that case, wash or sanitise your hands as soon as you leave the shop.

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Don’t use your phone while shopping

If you touch an item at the store, then touch your phone, you can transfer any germs that are on the item onto your phone. So try not to use your phone on the shopping trip and if you must, sanitise the phone as soon as you leave the store.

Carry your own wet wipes

Even though you may successfully avoid touching items if you’re not going to buy them there are high touch areas in the store, like the cooldrink fridges, that you may have no choice but to handle so use your wet wipes to touch them.

Sanitise when you return home

Wash your hands thoroughly when returning home from the shops.

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