Parenty staff
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25 May 2020
4:30 pm

WEF video saying you’re likely to catch Covid-19 in your home met with criticism

Parenty staff

The World Economic Forum shared the views in a video published on their Instagram page and was met with criticism.

The  World Economic Forum (WEF) has played into the fears parents and families around the world by sharing the views of associate professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts, Erin Bromage who says the place you’re most likely to catch the coronavirus is your home.

The video stating this, was shared on the WEF’s social media and has received criticism from followers who said, “Pls delete this video. It just presents a problem and no solution whatsoever. We have enough to deal with, adding this to our worries will release cortisol in our bodies (causing other diseases eventually) and may affect mental health for some people.”

Bromage uses the below to support the statement:

A person can bring it into your house

It stays in the air much longer than it does outdoors

Sustained contact between household members can lead to infection.

Bathrooms pose high transfer risk because we touch them often

Covid-19 also spreads in areas where people socialize like living rooms

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