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8 Jul 2020
3:30 pm

Finally, a toddler that does not need to be begged to eat bread

Living and Loving staff

He is refusing to share his loaf of bread, and mom does not even mind.


How many times have you told your toddler to stop playing with his food and eat his bread or else he’s not getting that jelly and custard in the fridge? And the result? A bite or two if you’re lucky!

Well this video clip from @mamadoctorjones on TikTok has moms and dads cracking up. Why? It’s because her toddler can’t seem to eat enough bread – and it doesn’t even have jam, or chocolate spread, on it.

In the video, you can see the toddler holding a loaf of sliced bread in his arms, nibbling at the edges as he tries valiantly to hold them all in his arms.

His mom asks him why he’s taking all the bread – and not just one slice – and she just receives a stony stare and an emphatic “No!” as he clutches his bread even closer. Like a beloved soft toy.

All moms of toddlers will know that means: there’s just no way he’s going to part with his bread without a major tussle and tears! And it’s not up for negotiation.

In any event, what does carbs and calories even mean to a toddler, the mom suggests with her envious hashtag #carbsarelife.

Watch the video below:

@mamadoctorjones##carbsarelife♬ A Whole Loaf MamaDoctorJones – mamadoctorjones

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