Xanet Scheepers
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20 Jul 2020
11:00 am

Parents share the funniest things their children have said during lockdown

Xanet Scheepers

Children's unfiltered comments always leave their parents cringing and gagging.


It’s amazing what kids pick up from us when we think they’re not listening or paying attention. And one of the things moms have learned during lockdown is that kids definitely don’t have a filter, or a mute button for that matter – they’ll literally say anything that pops into their heads without blinking or blushing.

We asked you to share some of the things your kids have said during lockdown about the current new-normal world we’re living in. Some of them are hilarious – so be prepared for a good giggle!

“In the dairy section in Pick n Pay, a man came close to us, reaching out for some milk and my 6-year-old daughter shouted: ‘Don’t come near me, you have corona.’  I wanted to shrink in my shoes with embarrassment.” – Tonia Wessels

“On our first morning walk, when exercise was allowed again, a lady ran past us as we were going out  the gate, and at the top of her voice, my 4-year old said: ‘Look mommy, a human. Wow!’ We all had to laugh at the cuteness of it. – San-Marie Jolliffe

“My 2-and-a- half-year-old son has picked up on some creative language this lockdown and last week told me that his toy car is totally ‘f&$@d’. Whoops!” – Taro Spriggs-Dickinson

“My 2-and-a-half-year-old: ‘I can’t watch TV, I can’t go to the beach, I can’t play with my spade, I can’t do anything (sigh)’. But what kills me is every time the lights go out is when he says, ‘Oh no, it’s load shedding’. SA has really enabled children to expand their vocab.” – Lisa Benita Budram

Funny things kids have said about lockdown and coronavirus


“My hubby and I are both working from home and one day we decided to log off our laptops and go watch TV. My 3-year-old’s response: ‘Why aren’t you working? Please work so you can make money so we can go to the zoo.’ She must’ve thought we’re under lockdown at home because we’re broke.” Refilwe Masego Pilanyane

“Whenever we’re about to leave the house my 2-year-old daughter doesn’t ask for her mask, she says: ‘Mommy, where is my Rona?’ Lol.” – Tanya Meyer Stamboul

“My son has this new thing where he’ll suddenly pause and (very seriously) say: ‘Are you kidding me?’. Keep in mind we’re Afrikaans.” – Danielle van Wyngaardt

“My 6-year-old girl every time we clean house: ‘Clean, clean, ag that’s life’.” – Antheana Kelder

“ My daughter when I ask her to do something: ‘Wait mommy, I am busy sending an email.’ She is 4!” – Busisiwe Baloyi

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