Karabo Mokoena
Content producer
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7 May 2021
9:47 am

WATCH: Toddler uses demonic voice to say mama for the first time

Karabo Mokoena

Milestones are usually a pleasant surprise, but for 18-month old AJ, laughter accompanied his first "mama." 

When Irish parents Julian Brophy and Maiken Woll Eide recorded Aiden James (AJ) casually eating his berries and asked him to say “mama”, they were not ready for what would follow. AJ summoned his deep demonic voice and said “mama” four times. 

Julian was caught on camera dying of laughter and went to Twitter to share the moment. “Awww, he finally learned how to say mama,” Julian captioned the video. 

Comedian, demon or both? 

AJ seems to be a born comedian, his face lighting up as his parents laugh at his weird deep voice for an 18-month-old child. He then casually moves on to eating his berries like nothing happenedloud. 

When one user suggested that his voice was dubbed, AJ’s dad said: “No, it’s terrifyingly real! (looks up exorcists in Wicklow).” 

Twitter was ready to participate in this exorcism, others jokingly suggesting that AJ should be bathed in holy water. “That’s the most adorable demon I’ve ever seen,” one person commented. 

The unexpected video has 50K views on Twitter and the story is being told worldwide. 

AJ seems to be on a streak of milestones, achieving his first independent steps in April. He said his first “mama” in May. 

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When do kids say their first words? 

According to Dr Gwen Dewar of Parent Science, children start developing speech between six and 14 months. This does not include the usual babbling and cooing sounds they make. By 14 months, kids have a better understanding of words and can utter them.

Canonical babbling does not count as words. Simple syllables like ma ma can be said from as young as six months, and moms might get excited to hear them. At that age, the child has no idea why you are excited but will be excited with you. 

The excitement of hearing mama, but accompanied with some humour got AJ’s parents very happy and proud.