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Karabo Mokoena
Content producer
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26 May 2021
11:17 am

Kelly Khumalo: ‘There’s no K53 to parenting’

Karabo Mokoena

Kelly opens up about her journey as a mother to her two children, Khwezi and Thingo, and her advice to single moms.

Kelly Khumalo shares her motherhood truths.

Award-winning songstress, reality TV star and entrepreneur Kelly Khumalo wears many hats, but one of her most treasured ones is being a mom to her two children, Khwezi and Thingo.

Raising both of them single-handedly, the two are featured in season 2 of Life With Kelly Khumalo.

Having them on her show has been a fun experience for Kelly. She says: “I feel like this whole experience has allowed us to bond and to know each other even better.” The kids did such a great job that Life With Kelly Khumalo won the SAFTA for Best Reality Series this weekend.

When it comes to parenting as a single mom, Kelly says “there is no K53 for this one”.

“As much as we work so hard to be there for our children and provide, we also need to be kind to ourselves because we can’t give our children what we don’t give ourselves. We need to love ourselves and take time off,” Kelly says. She believes single moms need to take care of themselves and be at their best for their children.

Never overcompensating is also key. When it comes to doing things for your children as a single mom, Kelly says: “If you can, you can. If you can’t, you can’t. Your children will understand.”

Kelly recently answered our parenting questions.

Being a mom is …. a blessing. I can’t imagine what my life would be without my kids.

The last time I gagged because of my kid was… When he got expelled from school.

The last time I cried was when… Thingo told me she missed her father.

My favourite part about being a mom is… unconditional love, where I love and am loved unconditionally.

The biggest challenge is… that there’s no day off as a mom. You’re a mom even if you don’t feel like being a mom.

My biggest mom guilt is when… I need time for myself and I know my children need me 24/7 . I’ve learnt to not feel guilty though, because you can’t give them what you don’t have.

My success as a parent is measured by… my kids’ character.

The most important affirmation I say to my child is… you are loved unconditionally.

The most important behaviour/attitude I mirror for my child is… kindness.

My work-life balance as a working mum is… there isn’t a balance. You just do what you can when you can. Work needs you. They need you. When you have time for them, give them all the attention you can, because you know when it gets busy it gets really busy.