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11 Jan 2022
2:53 pm

Carol Ofori’s tips for a successful new school year

Citizen Reporter

Nervous about the new school year? We've got you covered.

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Children around the country are preparing for a new school year, and while this is an exciting time for kids and parents, there’s also some anxiety around tackling the new year.

Television and radio personality Carol Ofori, a doting mom to two beautiful children and host of the educational series Raising Babies 101, shares some tips she believes all parents should know before their child starts a new school year.

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Are YOU ready?

Make sure you, as the caregiver, are well rested, in a good mental space and ready to take on the year.

Planning is key

It’s always important to plan ahead. A new school year often means new extra-mural activities, play dates, parent-teacher meetings and so much more. So, plan your days accordingly. It won’t hurt putting together a calendar of sorts to ensure that you don’t miss anything. Don’t underestimate the power of a checklist so you can make sure your child has all the uniform, stationery, books, and food they need to get through their school day.

Develop a routine

Find a routine that works for you and get your children into that routine a few days earlier.

“If school starts on Wednesday, my kids will be in bed by 7pm from Sunday night and I will be waking them up at 6am to start setting that routine in.

“In our home, we try have dinner at 4pm. At 5pm we start the bathing routine, so that we can spend some time reading to our kids at 6pm before they head off to bed,” says Ofori.

Make sure your chosen school is the right fit

The right school is so important to make sure your child is developing the best way they can.

If you are sending your child back to the same school, make sure that that environment is the right fit for your child to thrive in.

If it’s not, there are platforms like that will help ensure that your child finds a school that will cultivate their specific needs.

Get your children excited about the year ahead

The start of the new school year is always a big moment for children and while it may seem daunting to leave their parents or go into a new class with new teachers and students, it’s also such an exciting time for them.

So, elevate that. Map out exciting events that may be coming up in the year, include them in the preparation process by letting them pick out a new backpack or new stationary which will help shift their mindset to a positive one.u