Karabo Mokoena
Content producer
2 minute read
13 Dec 2019
4:30 pm

Visiting rules for new moms

Karabo Mokoena

Do new moms deserve some space after giving birth?

Mother holding her infant baby

You just popped out an entire human being, suffered the 3rd-degree tear or recovering from the epidural. Then people decide to visit you in the hospital!

Oh, did I also mention that you are wearing an uncomfortable adult diaper because of all that bleeding? The last thing you want to be nursing, besides your newborn and sore boobs, is a visitor.

What are the rules of engagement when it comes to visiting the new parents in the hospital?

If a picture would ever have to answer that question, it would be this one.


Mommy blogger at Living My Family Life  Katie Browman recently shared a picture someone took of her after her 1st baby’s birth.

Her face says it all. She was not having any of it. None.

“Your vagina and stomach is in a world of pain,” Katie said.

The kid just got here. He isn’t going anywhere. Trust me. He isn’t going back where he came from. In two days, he would still look as brand new as he did two days ago.

Give new moms a break. They are fatigued, emotional and probably overwhelmed. They aren’t going be very nice hosts.

Or rather wait for an invitation. That is much better than an unwelcoming face of a woman that is still trying to navigate breastfeeding.

Also, did you wash your hands?

Give new moms some space to figure out what the hell is going on. It’s a lot.

Parenty’s tips for visiting a new mom:

  1. Wait to be invited. Don’t ask if you can visit or not, wait to be invited. She will feel rude by saying no, so she will say yes rather.
  2. The rule of thumb is at least 2 days
  3. If you get to visit, don’t immediately jump for the baby. Give mom a hug and ask her if she is okay.

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