Parenty staff
1 minute read
12 Feb 2020
11:30 am

Michelle Obama shares what recently made Barack do the ugly, loud cry

Parenty staff

The Obamas became very emotional after dropping their youngest daughter Sasha at University.

During an interview for Oprah Winfrey’s 2020 Vision Tour former first lady Michelle Obama recently shared that she and husband Barack now have an empty nest and it wasn’t easy for them to let go of their daughters. She also revealed that saying goodbye to both of their daughters after 18 years if parenting wasn’t easy. Michelle shared that it was emotional when the couple dropped off their youngest daughter Sasha at the University of Michigan .“When the emotions come is when we’re getting into our cars and getting on a plane and leaving our babies and they’re going somewhere t where they now live. That is when it hits you. We all start choking up. We all try to hold it together. Then me and Barack bawled like babies. You know Barack has that ugly, loud cry. He did that at Malia’s graduation”, shares Michelle.

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