Parenty staff
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28 May 2020
4:00 pm

Celeb mom Kgomotso Christopher says it’s been challenging homeschooling her child with ADD

Parenty staff

The actress has shared that her son has mild ADD.

Kgomotso Christopher. Image supplied

Celeb mom Kgomotso Christopher has opened up about how challenging it has been to homeschool her son who suffers from mild Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

In a recent tweet, the actress responded to a parent with homeschooling their child with ADD by sharing that she totally understands the difficult situation that parents with children with learning difficulties currently find themselves in during lockdown.

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The actress said, “(My son has) mild ADD (and is) not on any (medication). So, (yes), some days we as parents have to choose peace. I chose peace yesterday. I simply gave up fighting for him to work after a few meltdowns. Waking him up for first-class soon. We’ll see how today goes. Strength to you.”

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