Karabo Mokoena
Content producer
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19 Jul 2021
3:27 pm

So cute! Simz Ngema and her son are winning hearts with this pic

Karabo Mokoena

Simz is said to have given birth to a photocopy of herself after her recent snap of her and son Tiyani.

Tino Chinyani and Simz Ngema. Picture: Instagram

Actress and singer Simz Ngema has shared an Instagram post that followers have labelled “perfect”.

Simz’s son turned a year old a week ago and the dimpled-faced beauty has won the internet’s heart.

See Tiyani twinning with his mom in the selfie below.

Some of her followers say he looks like a combination of his mom and dad’s good looks.

His father, Zimbabwean-born model and TV personality Tino Chinyani – has walked the runway for MaXhosa, Rich Mnisi, David Tlale and other prominent designers.

On Tino’s birthday Instagram post, DJ Zinhle asked: “Are all the family members good-looking? This is wild.”

The post shows Tino’s parents and Simz’s mother as well, and they all look quite beautiful.

Enhle Mbali and Boity commented, saying that Simz and Tiyani are twins. The complexion and dimples are the most obvious similarity between the two. Those two factors have given the looks of credit to Simz.

While some see both Simz and Tino in him, the majority have decided that Tiyani is twinning with his mom, but only time can tell.

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As they grow older, children start looking a lot more differently, leaning towards one parent over the other. Some may still look like both parents, while others become spitting images of one parent.

Simz and Tino are already planning their son’s legacy, establishing him as a brand. He has a clothing brand with his name and has been on a Pampers ad with his father.

Tiyani’s Instagram is sitting with over 50K followers, and Tiyani Afrika – the clothing brand his father founded – is growing.

With that face, brands will be knocking on Tiyani’s door soon enough, if they haven’t already.