Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
20 Dec 2021
12:26 pm

‘Super old and pregnant again’ – Zoleka Mandela reflects on baby number 6

Kaunda Selisho

After surprising her followers with news that she would be having another baby, Zoleka Mandela has reminded people not to mess with her.

Zoleka Mandela recently surprised her social media followers with a pregnancy announcement. At age 41, she will be having her 6th child | Picture: Instagram

At the age of 41, Zoleka Mandela is carrying her sixth child, and if her Instagram posts are anything to go by, it has been quite the experience. 

This past Sunday, she shared her feelings in a cheeky Instagram caption along with a picture of what she looked like while enjoying her Sunday afternoon. 

“The majority of the time when I’m on the socials telling everyone (who cares to listen) that I’m so sexy, so bomb-diggity, and how i’m the sh*t… I’ll be home crusty as heck, un-showered, probably so hangry, and so full of sh*t, that time… Combine that with zero f*cks to give and you have a huge problem, my friends!” began Zoleka. 

“I’m super old, pregnant again, and always tired of people and things! So when I tell you to f*ck off, go ahead and block me because i’ll probably tell you to f*ck off again (because it’s one of those, don’t try me today, days) … okay? But Happy Sunday, I love you!” she added. 

Zoleka, who has been documenting her fitness journey via social media in recent years confirmed her latest pregnancy last week. 

“Dear Diary, so like, I thought I had food poisoning, turns out I was pregnant with my 6th child. New hashtag loading #42YrOldMotherOf6 but for now, #41YrOldMotherOf6” she wrote. 

Zoleka is a South African writer and activist, who also happens to be Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter. She is the daughter of the late Zindziswa ‘Zindzi’ Mandela and Oupa Johannes Mafanyana Seakamela. 

In her books, she has written about her battle with addiction, her daughter’s death, and her journey fighting and overcoming breast cancer.

In addition to losing her daughter Zenani at the age of 13 in a car accident in 2010, Zoleka lost her infant son, Zenawe, in 2011. 

She has a son and two other daughters and will soon be welcoming another baby whose gender she has not yet shared with the public.