Nandipha Pantsi
1 minute read
22 Oct 2014
1:30 pm

Big-name collaborations on new Rebecca Malope album

Nandipha Pantsi

Rebecca Malope has pulled out all the stops for her 35th album.

Rebecca Malope feels most comfortable on stage. Pictures: Gallo Images

The gospel star, who is known for her charismatic stage performances, has collaborated with some of the country’s best musicians on the album titled AmaVIP.

Malope, who is affectionately known as “Sis’ Ribs” says some of her best work is on the new album.

“With every album I release, I am praising God and I love it. That has always been the key to my success. When you love what you do, you can do it forever, you just keep getting better at it,” she says.

Malope says she’s excited about the first single, Sivikele, which features her longtime friend Sizwe Zako as well as Robbie Malinga and Mojafela Thebe.

Afro-pop musicians Zahara, Naima Kay and Ntando also appear on the album, which was recorded live with her band.

“I wasn’t going to record this album without my band. They have been with me through thick and thin and they understand what I am about musically.”

Malope also got Robbie Malinga’s winning Clash of the Choirs team to feature as a backing act on the album.

With the title AmaVIP, Malope hopes to spread an important message: “There are no VIPs [Very Important People] in heaven, no middle class and no working class. We are all equal in the eyes of the Lord.”

Speaking on where she hopes to see her music going, Malope says:
“I want to leave a legacy, where my songs will be in hymn books and used in churches around the world. I’m not trying to say the existing hymns don’t matter, but we have to take the industry forward and create additional material for it.”