Michelle Loewenstein
1 minute read
6 Aug 2014
2:00 pm

Hanging out with Rob Forbes

Michelle Loewenstein

Rob Forbes has been on 5FM since 2012. We chatted to him about DJs, music and braving Oppikoppi.

Rob Forbes of 5fm speaks to The Citizen in Melville, 5 August 2014. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

According to Forbes, DJs to watch out for are 5FM’s Nick Hamman and Power FM’s Katleho Mogase.

“Nick is going to be quality, and Katleho has the best voice that I have ever heard. He’ll still be reading the news on radio 50 years from now.”

Forbes is a rock fan at heart, but has learned to love a variety of genres through his work on radio.

“I grew up on old school rock and roll, with bands like ACDC. I like anything except maybe R&B,” he says. “At the moment, South African dance music is good, and hip-hop is probably the best it’s ever been. South African rock is okay – the days of heavy rock music have passed. Gone are the days of bands like The Narrow.”

When he met with The Citizen, he was getting ready for Oppikoppi – something which he says will be “disastrous”.

“I’m not really a festival kind of guy. I can’t do sleeping in the dirt for four days. I like to be clean,” he says with a laugh. “My wife isn’t coming along. She’s much smarter than I am!”

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