Batlile Phaladi
1 minute read
27 Aug 2015
1:48 pm

Jukebox Thursday: The beauty that is Kabomo’s Sekusile album

Batlile Phaladi

In his 3rd studio album titled Sekusile, multi-talented Kabomo Vilakazi, a musician, magazine editor and actor takes one through a soothing journey into love and life.

Kabomo Vilakazi's album. Picture:

In this week’s edition of Jukebox Thursday, we celebrate this lovely album.

Sekusile was released on 6 August and it gave music lovers talking points. In the album, Kabomo gives out everything you have never heard – and what makes the album more beautiful are the live bands; very real and easy to listen.

The album is in IsiZulu, but even when you struggle with the language, you would pine to find the lyrics of the tracks – he is so original, no comparison, that’s what makes his music unique.

When I first heard the album, I drove to my place and the distance was so short I couldn’t get to track number 7 – Isiphalaphala, I had to buy myself more time and drive around my area just to drool over Kabomo’s beautiful voice and the beauty of his lyrics. I fell in love with all the tracks.

In his song, Sizophelelaphi, He sings about the gift of life and the importance of loving one another while we still have time, look, my Isizulu is not that polished, but with good music – language barrier is a loser.

And then there is the opening track, Khetha Mina, see?  There you get sold on the album even before you could go to next song, we all appreciate love songs, we love it when love prevails, such a beautiful album.

Track list  : Sekusile

  1. Khetha Mina
  2. Sizophelaphi
  3. Bhubesi
  4. Hlala Nawe
  5. Amakhaza
  6. Ungilande
  7. Isiphalaphala
  8. Ngisizeni
  9. Olungaka
  10. Ngezenzo
  11. Uyangihlanganisa