Michael Traub
1 minute read
24 Apr 2014
7:00 am

Mismatch of mood and temperament

Michael Traub

Ching-Yun Hu began her piano recital with two famous items, the Sonata in B-flat minor by Chopin and Gaspard de la Nuit by Ravel, both require refined pianism and great dexterity at the keyboard.

IN THE RED. Chin-Yun Hu's performance was not as impressive as the pianist would have liked. Picture: Supplied.

Unfortunately, Hu is one of those young pianists who believe that everything they play must display their personal temperament.

After a much protracted introduction (only a few bars), she launched into the ensuing main theme at far more than the specified “double the speed” marked by the composer.

Thereafter, there was no steady tempo to unify the music. Poor Chopin, whose compositions combine aristocracy with romance, was dismally betrayed. Only the Finale, dispatched with eerie expression, seemed faithful to the composer’s intentions.

A real disappointment overall.