Kaunda Selisho
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10 Jun 2021
8:56 pm

407 million views for Master KG’s ‘Jerusalema’

Kaunda Selisho

Master KG found himself trending once again with #CongratulationsMasterKG after racking up 407 million views on YouTube for Jersualema.

Master KG's Jerusalema now has 407 million views on YouTube | Picture: Instagram

407 million views a1nd counting on YouTube for Master KG’s Jerusalema music video saw the hashtag #CongratulationsMasterKG trending on Thursday evening.

Amusingly enough, the same hashtag topped Twitter trends almost a year ago to the day for the similar reasons.

On 18 June 2020, it was announced that that Jerusalema had reached 26 million views on YouTube in just six months.

And in the space of a year, the video amassed over 381 million new views to bring that total up to 407 million views.

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Jerusalema deleted off YouTube

According to a previous report on The Citizen, fans speculated that because Master KG had signed a deal with Warner Music Group (WMG) they now owned the copyrights of the song due to the deal and wanted it published on their own channels.

Master KG’s camp quelled speculations after clarifying that the music video was taken down due to some technical issues.

“Sorry guys, there [are] some technical issues regarding Jerusalema video on YouTube. It will be back asap #bringbackjerusalema,” they posted on social media.

Some people were not buying it, however, saying the video was taken down because it was breaking all types of records.

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Why is #CongratulationsMasterKG trending?

On Thursday evening, the hashtag #CongratulationsMasterKG began trending because of how many views her had.

However, many ended up congratulating Master KG for winning Record of the Year at the Global Music Africa Awards for Jerusalema.

It turns out that Master KG took home the accolade all the way back in May according to this report on Okay Africa.