Xanet Scheepers
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26 Nov 2021
2:05 pm

Theuns Jordaan laid to rest in emotionally charged funeral

Xanet Scheepers

Several of Theuns' close friends in the music industry performed live at the funeral service.

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Just over 237,000 fans of Afrikaans singer-songwriter, Theuns Jordaan, watched his funeral service live on the Afrikaans is Groot YouTube channel on Friday morning, bidding a final farewell to one of South Africa’s most-loved musicians.

Theuns’ father, Willie Jordaan, attended his son’s funeral in Tshwane, supported by Juanita du Plessis. Jordaan’s mother, Maryna, was unable to make the trip from Bethulie in the Free State, where she resides in an old age home.

Theuns’ sister, Linda, supported their mother in the small Free State town.

Some of Jordaan’s closest friends in the Afrikaans music industry including Kurt Darren, Bok van Blerk, Dozi and Bobby van Jaarsveld were in attendance.

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Controversial singer Steve Hofmeyr wrote a tribute song for Jordaan, which South Africans heard for the first time on Friday. Hofmeyr received a voice note from Theuns days before the singer passed away, inspiring the song.

Listen to the song below:


Speaking at the memorial service, Theuns’ father said he was the sunshine in his mother’s life.

“He was her blue-eyed boy,” he added.  

Reverend Pieter Badenhorst, who led the memorial service, read several insightful paragraphs from the singer’s Bible.

“Theuns’ voice might be quiet now, but his Bible today speaks louder than any of his words ever could.”

He added Theuns would continue to live in South African homes and hearts through his music, which always came from his heart.

Several of Theuns’ close friends in the music industry performed live at the funeral service. Bok van Blerk performed one of his own songs, saying it was one of Jordaan’s favourites and that he just couldn’t bring himself to sing one of Theuns’s songs on the day.

Theuns’ long-time friend of 22 years, Werner van Dalen, said Theuns was a simple man and a dreamer.

“He never gave up, not even during the last year, which was very difficult. He kept on dreaming and looking forward to the day when he could sing again.”

Bobby van Jaarsveld spoke about the amazing mentor that Theuns was to him, saying he never thought he would carry a casket, especially not Theuns’.

“But today it felt like we were carrying a treasure chest. We will never again meet anyone like him,” Van Jaarsveld said.

Jordaan, who served in the military for two years, got a final sendoff from the veteran’s platoon while his closest friends and family left a white rose on his casket.