Genevieve Vieira
2 minute read
20 Sep 2014
6:00 pm

Roger Goode likes to live on the wild side

Genevieve Vieira

Meeting Roger Goode for the first time, you'd think the radio DJ was totally mad.

MUSIC MAESTRO. Throughout his career, Roger Goode has produced various albums, compilations and remixes. Picture: Supplied

He blurts out anything that comes to mind. This isn’t going to be an average interview.

Communicating exactly what he wants me to write, Goode says, “Roger doesn’t act his age and it plays to his favour.”

Charmed by his refreshing candour, I can’t help but agree with him. The man neither looks nor acts his age and you can’t help but envy his youthful nature.

“I am cursed with eternal youth,” he says, bouncing around the studio as he packs away his gear. “I want you to write a fun article; when last did you write one?”

Picture: Supplied

Picture: Supplied

I prepare myself for the long haul of extracting serious information from a less-than-serious conversation.

Even given the lack of seriousness, Goode is clearly passionate about his craft and he strives for excellence.

“When the red light goes on, everything changes.” he says. “I am more dedicated to this than a guy saving someone’s life in hospital. I call it a perfectly functional disaster.”

He moves his hand across the sound desk.

“I can tell you what every single button on here does. It’s really mind-boggling but I love every second of it. People have forgotten how to have fun on radio. The kind of radio I make is unique. I am continuously discovering different ways of putting together new and engaging content.”

Certainly, when tuning into the Roger Goode show, now a prime time slot (4pm-7pm), you never know what to expect. It’s like a lucky packet. You don’t know what you might pull out, but anticipating the unknown makes it exciting.

LISTEN UP. Roger Goode hosts the Afternoon Drive Time show on 5FM. Picture: Supplied

LISTEN UP. Roger Goode hosts the Afternoon Drive Time show on 5FM. Picture: Supplied

“What’s great about 5FM is that they give me full control. We do a lot of childish stuff and get away with it. I am having fun for a living and success gravitates to people who have fun.”

In line with this approach, Goode recently visited the mother of all music award ceremonies – the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles – and worked the red carpet in a Superman onesy. Nothing is ever half-measure in Goode’s world.

Broadcasting back to South Africa while in the lavatory of the plane, Goode pushes more than just boundaries.

“If you think Joburg is a buzz, you should visit Los Angeles.” He chuckles. “That place makes us look tame. We worked hard and partied even harder and it was intense, even for me, who lives life to the extreme.”


>  Roger Goode can be heard on The Afternoon Drive Time on  5FM every Monday to Friday 4pm-7pm.

> Follow him on Twitter @DJRogerGoode