Hlabangani Mtshali
2 minute read
5 Nov 2015
4:51 pm

Jukebox Thursday: South African One Hit Wonders

Hlabangani Mtshali

A short list of a few one-hit-wonders from South Africa.

Ricardo Groenewald. Pic: All4Women.co.za

Everyone now and again a new artists bursts onto the music scene with a song that becomes an instant hit.

We as fans come out in numbers and buy their albums and packed their shows to the rafters. Radio stations also can’t get enough of the song, spinning it countless times a day until we can’t stand it. The artist becomes the biggest musical act in the land and seems unstoppable.

But then the initial allure of the song dies down and we slowly forget about it. At this point we wait for the artist to follow the megahit up with something greater, but: nothing.

We then realise it may have been a fluke or maybe we were all under some mass hypnosis that lead us to buying into the song in the first place. Although the artist releases more music, none of it is as memorable as that one hit, man. The artist fades into obscurity and becomes a foot note in music history or an entry in a listicle like this.

On this week’s edition of #JukeboxThursday we celebrate (and make a little fun of) some of our favourite One Hit Wonders.

  1. Ricardo Groenewald– I Love You Daddy

     2. Mgarimbe – Sister Bethina

  1. Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse – Burnout

Note: We know what you’re thinking, Sipho Hotsix is undeniably a South African music legend.  But we can’t ignore the fact that he has built this on exactly one composition. He, unlike most artist on this list has been able to use his one hit to stay relevant for three decades.

  1. Bianca La Grange – Been Around The World

  1. 101 – Who’s It Gonna Be?/ Ghetto Lingo – Pump It Up / Gomorrah – Living in the Ghetto

Winning a talent-search competition rarely ends well.

Did we miss any one-hit wonders on the list? Let us know in the comments section below.