Sandisiwe Mbhele
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30 Sep 2021
11:19 am

Zakes Bantwini’s ‘Osama’ lyrics are finally out but what do they mean?

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Zakes Bantwini has finally released the lyrics to his smash hit 'Osama' and the origins of the song have a deep meaning.

Zakes Bantwini 'Osama' lyrics. Picture: Screengrab

Finally, fans of Zakes Bantwini’s smash hit Osama now know what they are singing, well somewhat, after Zakes released the lyric video on Wednesday.

According to the video, Osama means lion, and lions in Africa symbolise protection, strength, wisdom and power.

Considered the number one song in the country currently, Osama lyrics are from an unknown language, so rest assured you weren’t the only one mumbling for all five minutes.

Osama vocals are by Kasango and the language is glossolalia, usually spoken in religious groups, i.e speaking in tongues.

The main introduction goes “Omapadikero osonakoluna, saniladikero osonakoluna, osonakoluna”.

Watch Osama lyric video below:

Osama has been charting number one for weeks now and is the most played song on the radio. Springbok captain Siya Kolisi even got in on the fun by recording a video of himself singing to the lyrics.

Recently, DJ Black Coffee claimed the song is not an original but a remake of a sample song called Mano Mano (Original Mix) by an artist called SUKA.

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However, Zakes’s wife, Nandi Madida, denied the claim on Lasizwe’s Drink or Tell The Truth YouTube show.

“Of course it’s an original. Without entertaining it, the song is a reflection of where everyone should be. We should all be positive, we should all be happy for one another, especially as black people. We can not afford to divide and rule.

Nandi added that she spoke to her sister, a psychologist, about the debacle and said people need to “deal with their childhood traumas” and seek help and therapy.

“When we work on ourselves we become better people. I have no issue with anyone, I was just as surprised.”

Black Coffee also revealed that he and Zakes had agreed to not have a working relationship due to undisclosed differences.