Adriaan Roets
1 minute read
4 Oct 2015
5:22 pm

Milky Chance loves Jack Parow

Adriaan Roets

After only four days in South Africa, German folktronica duo Milky Chance are already spewing South African slang like "Super kief" and answering questions with the distinct South African "Ja".

German duo Milky Chance plays to thousands in the heart of Johannesburg. Picture: Supplied

Vocalist Clemens Rehbein and Phillip Dausch have built quite a following around the globe, even appearing on popular shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and performing at the American mega-festival Couchella.

Their following clearly extends to South Africa. For their first South African tour they performed in Durban on Friday, followed by an appearance at Rocking the Daisies and performed as one of the headliner acts at Vodacom in the City at Emmerentia Dam in Johannesburg on Saturday.

During Rocking the Daisies they were mesmerized by Jack Parow. “We enjoyed him, his band is insane – and he’s got a female drummer, and that’s cool,” Rehbein says while they were getting ready for their set under the scorching sun on Sunday.

“This is the first time we’re really feeling the heat. Durban was rainy and Cape Town was like where we’re from Germany. We appreciate the heat,” Dausch laughs.

After a whirlwind tour of South Africa Dausch is staying on for a bit. He will visit Namibia and Botswana before returning to Germany. Rehbein is in awe of the South African crowds that came out to support them.

“They’re very friendly and very welcoming,” says Rehbein. The two revealed they will be back in studio February or March next year to start recording their next album.

“But before that we want to calm down and take a break,” says Rehbein.