Genevieve Vieira
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4 Sep 2013
12:00 am

Model roles

Genevieve Vieira

For someone who grew up in a era when The Spice Girls were the be-all and end-all of girl groups, it's not difficult to comprehend the amount of influence that pop stars have on the lives of youngsters.

According to a survey conducted in the United Kingdom in 2008 by the Association Of Teachers and Lecturers, pop stars are the second most emulated group of people in the world, preceded only by sports stars.

With this in mind, 1 Girl Nation, an all-female pop group was formed, their formula seemingly identical to that of The Spice Girls. However, their purpose is not fame and money, but rather creating uplifting music that encourages and inspires its au-dience to make the right choices early in life.

“The one thing we have in common with The Spice Girls is that there’s five of us and we all so different from each other,” says band member Kayli Robinson.

“But our message is different. We are not pointing to our bo-dies to sell albums. We want the younger generation of girls and boys to embrace the fact that they are different and know that God planned it that way. You can’t listen to our music and not know that we’re singing about Jesus.”

With catchy lyrics like “We gonna risk it all for one thing and live for Jesus while we young”, their music carries a strong Biblical message, but the girls openly talk about the fact that they’re also human and make mistakes.

“We’ve chosen a path where we know we have lots of eyes on us and we take charge of that. We like to think that our position as music stars is used to represent lifestyles that are good and healthy,” says Robinson.

“You’d think with five girls there’d be a lot of animosity, but there really isn’t. We stayed in a house together for nine months when the group first started, so we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly – and we really see each other as family.”


Each of the girls have a unique and vibrant personality and were out pursuing their solo careers before the opportunity of a faith-based music group was presented to them.

Sending through audition tapes, the girls were chosen from a multitude of submissions.

“In life we think that we have it all figured out, but the creator has His own plan for us and His always proves better than imagined,” says Robinson.

“What’s great is that we have moms behind us, endorsing us and bringing their kids to our shows.

“We really just sing cool music about positivity and God.”