Tshepiso Makhele
1 minute read
19 Apr 2016
4:31 pm

Why KB left music for three-years

Tshepiso Makhele

"I felt like I don’t want to do this anymore. I need to stay away from it".

Keabetse "KB" Motsilanyane performing during the Metro fm Bash at the Easter Randshow.

Speaking to V-Entertainment recently, Keabetswe ‘KB’ Motsilanyane opened up about her three-year break from singing and how she found her way back to the music industry.

“I kind of gave up because I felt the industry didn’t recognise hard work. It was just too difficult to get recognised,” she said.

“The fans were always appreciative of the work. I felt like I don’t want to do this anymore. I need to stay away from it,” she added.

The songstress however says her publisher recommended that she writes songs for other artists from outside the country and got her in touch with artists from Sweden and Norway.

“We just free-styled. They didn’t really know who I was or what I do so it was a clean slate. We experimented and I loved what I heard.

“After writing the songs‚ I had to sing them and I thought to myself‚ you know what? I think I’m actually going to do this music thing again,” explaining that a comeback wasn’t easy though.

“It took me three-years to write 13 songs, one of them is ‘Find a way’, which is my first single.”

She says writing for other artists allowed people to stretch her a bit and opened her eyes to what her voice can actually do.

“It allowed me to have more expression in the voice. There is a sense of freshness and newness. I thought I couldn’t do much with my voice. For the fan it might sound completely different,” she pointed out.